Commercial Solar Fresno

Commercial Solar Fresno

A testimonial from Staff member Doug about working with the best commercial solar and agricultural solar companies in Fresno County and the Central Valley. Call these guys now for a consultation (559) 418-5909. We visited their local office and we went over all the types of solar panel installation systems they provide. These guys are huge players in agricultural solarapplications, having retrofitted energy systems for all kinds of commercial ag facilities ranging from cold storage, dairy, berry farms, and more. They also provide a variety of commercial solar installation solutions.

Some agricultural solar projects include:

– Solar powered well pumps
– Solar powered cold storage facilities for farms, dairies, meat packing..etc
– Solar power for orchard packing facilities

Commercial Solar Projects

– 130 kW solar system for UCSB
– Parking Structure solar panels for Caltrans
– Strategically placed solar panels for Airports, local businesses, and more.

After speaking with some of their clients it’s obviously they prioritize customer service. They offer a wide range of services that make the transition to commercial solar painless and provide a range of financial roadmaps to ensure your solar investments see a positive return on investment. From initial on-site evaluation, construction, to system operation and maintenance they are big on turn key solutions.

Another extremely important aspect if not the most is the experience their financial team brings to the table. They’ve worked with a wide range of clients from small independent dairy owners to large scale public universities. Given this client diversity their financial analysis and solutions are validated with the happy clients they continue to finance and satisfy today.

Why Agriculture Solar?

California’s agriculture industry is estimated to be worth around $42.6 billion, generating nearly $100 billion in “related economic activity”. This makes California’s agriculture industry twice the size of any other U.S. state. Additionally California is the leading dairy state, making milk California’s number one farm commodity. These massive industry are majority based in California’s Central Valley, including Sacramento County, Fresno County, Kings County, and more. These huge commercial industry’s inevitable massive amounts of

Solar applications for farms and the agricultural industry is booming. The decreasing cost of solar, newer technologies, federal and state subsidies, coupled with sustainable financing allows more farmers than ever to take advantage of solar power. Solar generated electricity produced at cost effective rates to irrigated crops, power cold storage systems, and those who have limited to the nation’s electric power grid are able to take advantage of local solar providers, especially those in Fresno County and the surrounding Central Valley. In doing so, we present producers with a means to reduce and stabilize energy costs by offsetting the need for fossil fuel generated electricity.