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We’re solar geeks. Plain and simple. We also like to interpret the world as an economists. The truth is there is no better future source for energy than that of the sun. Combining more efficient technology thus lowering costs, coupled with government subsides make solar a no brainer. The ROI is there, you’re going to make back your investment 5 years max for large agriculture projects. We want to pair you with the right solar job for your solar or wind project. Whether you’re a first time installer for your home, looking to offset some if not all your energy in commercial or agriculture, we’ve got you covered. We specific focus on serving the California Central Valley including Fresno and Kern Counties.

We hope our talented team of solar experts, marketers, and video team can bring you an authentic look at solar providers and where their expertise lies. We’re based in Fresno so stop by our offices in Bakersfield, Visalia, Delano, and Clovis.

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