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Solar panels are often touted as the solution to our reliance on fossil fuels. Initially, there were some hesitations due to the panels’ dependence on constant sunshine. However, Central Valley has seen remarkable upgrades to the solar powered world.

The Bakersfield City Council passed a determination in support of extending the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar energy, requesting that Congress take instant action to shield local solar jobs and customer savings. Bakersfield is now the first city in the nation to call for congressional support of solar power, emphasizing the growing influence of renewable energy in the biggest oil and gas-producing region in the state.

“The federal solar investment tax credit is critical for supporting local jobs and reducing energy bills for Bakersfield homeowners and businesses,” said a Council member.

“I am pleased that the Bakersfield City Council passed by 5 to 1 this resolution urging Congress to extend this credit to keep our local solar economy growing.”

Bakersfield currently has over 10,000 households and businesses with solar, making it one of the top cities in the state. “Solar is a bright spot in the Central Valley’s economy,” said Kelly Knutsen, policy advisor for the California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA).

Gov. Jerry Brown hopes to cut gas consumption in half by 2030 with government mandates and financial incentives to make cars more efficient and get more people out of their vehicles. Meanwhile, utilities will get 50 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2030 and build thousands of charging stations around the state for more than 1 million new electric cars.

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Panel discussions describe the policy landscape ahead and hear key perspectives from the state legislature, environmentalists, and energy industry leaders. Panelists explain what we have learned nearly a decade after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the landmark climate change bill, AB32. And they share their thoughts about how climate policy is changing life in California and the way we do business.

As the cost of solar panels Bakersfield drops, more residents and business owners find that they hold the upper hand as solar panels are seen as eco-friendly, high-quality, and a reliable solution. Solar panels are now less expensive than ever and are saving households large amounts of money per year. But if you are considering the switch, just how does this work?

How to Switch to Solar Panels Bakersfield

There are two ways to switch to solar panels for your household. You can either lease or buy. Each option has unique advantages depending on your personal situation. They also have long and short term financial implications. Here is the difference to help you understand what is best for your home.

Leasing Solar Panels

Leases allow you to go solar even if you don’t own a property. This, provided the landlord is happy with the switch to solar, allows you as a tenant to enjoy the advantages of having solar powered energy, which decreases your monthly energy costs significantly. You get multiple financing options and lease at a very low cost, however, it also comes with a price.

If you think about leasing solar panels, you may not have the initial, larger startup expenses and maintenance and repairs to worry about, but you will have issues with contractual terms and not have any tax benefits that solar owners have from the state. Buying your own solar panels usually qualifies you for various tax credits and rebates. If you lease your system, the leasing company gets to enjoy those benefits and not you. The lack of ownership can also be a problem as the solar panels are never yours. To many homeowners, not having control over equipment in their home just isn’t appealing.

Solar panels when leased also have costs you may not think of initially such as insurance premiums and roof damage and rebuilding. Solar panels are mounted on your roof and there is a chance that they would get damaged. It is essential to be sure that your lease specifies who is responsible for any damage. Remember, if you’re making changes to your home, it is important to understand your insurance policy and exactly what it covers.

Buying Solar Panels Bakersfield

Solar panels are essentially the same thing today when compared with what they were a decade ago. They are an investment that you can count on as a return. The difference today is the lower costs, enhancing a positive return. Here are the benefits of buying solar panels:

Tax credits and rebates: The federal government and states will assist you in paying for your solar powered home. The Residential Energy Tax Credit covers up to 30 percent of costs and states offer incentives to leave the grid.

Free energy: Solar panels can pay for themselves. What does this mean? Essentially, the length of time it takes for that to happen depends on your energy use and how much you pay for your solar energy system. However, you will recoup your investment. Excess electricity is sold back to utility companies by what is known as net metering where the utility installs a bi-directional meter that records power bought by a customer and subtracts excess power generated and pushed back into the grid.

Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs): In certain states, you can sell unused energy generated by your solar panels back to the utility companies in the form of SRECs. Instead of paying your local utility for power, they’ll be sending you checks!
Resale value: Buyers tend to pay more for houses fitted with solar panels. Go solar, and you may increase your home’s value.

Rooftop solar panels are the spark in our future. Fossil fuel prices have an increasing trend over time, but the price of solar energy is rapidly falling. That’s because solar energy isn’t fuel – it’s a technology that’s becoming more efficient than ever.

Whether you buy or lease home solar panels, you’ll be taking advantage of that efficiency. Just be sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages of both choices so you can make the most financially wise decision.

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