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Solar power has become an increasingly popular concept and alternative to homes in Fresno, California. The state has set up projects to facilitate this viable renewable energy source for homes and businesses. Recent technology innovation and advancements include photovoltaic solar panels and power systems.

These solar panels and solar power systems have been coupled with the federal and state government incentives which allow for solar power electric system installations to be very cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

As a resident of Fresno, you can now enjoy all the home comforts that electricity provides while minimizing energy consumption in your household and preserving the globe’s natural resources. Beyond the environmental stewardship, is the mere cost savings. The cold winters polarized with the grueling Central Valley summer heat makes adopting solar a no brainer.

Perhaps you are already looking for Fresno solar companies, but perhaps you’re not sure where to start or how to gauge quality and experience. You need to understand what to buy and how to go about it. The points discussed below will be your guide as to how to go about installing solar panels in your home or office.

The largest and most expensive component of solar systems is the solar electric panels, which are also known as photovoltaic modules. There are various types of solar panels available for purchasing, which are designed according to the size and type of your building.

Types of Solar Panels Fresno

There are three primary types of solar photovoltaic panels available. Namely:

Monocrystalline panels are also known as monos. These are made from a single crystal rod of silicon. This rod is sliced into thin wafers to form the solar cell. So what is good about this panel? It has a good power to size ratio and has outstanding performance in cooler conditions. Some leading units have around 18% conversion efficiency. This panel has an excellent life span or longevity and usually comes with a 25-year warranty.

Solar Panel Installation for Fresno
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Polycrystalline panels are made from multiple silicon crystals. These solar cells are made or formed when molten silicon is poured into a mold to form an ingot. These are then cooled and the ingot of silicon is sliced into wafers to form the solar cell. This panel has good efficiency and is marginally less expensive to produce than monocrystalline. This has better performance in hotter conditions and has an excellent life span. It usually comes with a 25-year warranty.
Thin-film panels are made out of amorphous-silicon alloys that are deposited in thin layers onto a glass or metal backing material called a substrate. Unlike monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules, many thin-film modules are flexible and as a result, can be used in various applications. These panels have optimal efficiency in hot weather and are less effective in cooler conditions. This also requires 2 to 3 times more panels and surface area for same output as crystalline.

When considering buying solar panels Fresno, there are a few key factors to consider:

Manufacturer warranty:

Beyond the price, there is quality to worry about at the same time. When looking for a solar panel service provider, it is important to check if they offer a warranty with the product. This will enhance the longevity of your solar panel and make sure that you are covered in the event of anything going wrong.

The specification:

Look for something that is customized to your building size and type. Look at the measurement that is rated power at Standard Test Conditions (STC). This is simply to check how much power the solar panel will generate, measured in watts (W). The STC are as follows:

  • 1,000 watts per square meter of solar irradiance
  • Solar panel temperature of 77 degrees F (or 25 degrees C)

The second measurement is the solar panel efficiency. This refers to the ratio of output power to input power. Here’s an example: If the solar panel receives 1,000 watts per square meter of sunlight and it produces 100 watts of output power, then it has an efficiency of 10%.

Most solar panels will have an efficiency rating between 10% to 19%. Usually, the higher the efficiency, the more expensive the solar panel will be. Additionally, the higher the efficiency, the more power will be generated in a given area.

Certain manufacturers focus on providing higher efficiency than power. Your choice should depend on what you will need for your building and how much power you require. You should also look into the amount of roof surface area you have. Indeed, there are many factors to consider. Even the direction and angle the panels are facing, the shading, the temperature, and the inverter(s) should be taken into consideration.

Cost versus production

The ultimate measurement of a system’s efficiency is the system’s annual kWh production. Taking the cost of the system and dividing it by the estimated annual kWh production will show you who is offering the best bang for your money. To ensure that the estimated production is accurate, your proposal should include worksheets from the California Solar Initiative (CSI). These will showcase how the estimate was calculated.


Investing in solar panels is similar to investing in stock as it gets you a financial return. Except with solar panels, your return can be calculated precisely, giving you little or no risk. Solar panels can be pricey at the initial outset. Some of the types of financing include low-interest loans, grants, and rebates.

US residents can collect a 30 percent tax credit for installing solar panels through the end of 2016. With all of the federal and state incentives to invest in solar activity, market of solar panels Fresno has been booming. However, as the market for solar panels grows, the incentives will fall away. Now is the best time to buy solar panels, as the cost of solar has been falling over the past few years. If you have some questions about this technology, simply contact a solar panel service provider in your area for more information on plans and installations. With Fresno being developed for solar support, this is one of the best areas to establish a solar powered house or office.

Harvest your own energy in the sun and say goodbye to electricity bills with a solar panel and solar power system that is designed for an optimal, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly solution.

Commercial Solar Fresno

Listen to to why there’s no better time for businesses and agricultural operations to adopt solar. Find the experienced commercial solar and agricultural solar companies in Fresno County and the Central Valley. Call now and pick their brains in the right solar system for your business: (559) 418-5909.

Some agricultural solar projects include:

We visited their local office and we went over all the types of solar panel installation systems they provide. These guys are huge players in agricultural solarapplications, having retrofitted energy systems for all kinds of commercial ag facilities ranging from cold storage, dairy, berry farms, and more. They also provide a variety of commercial solar installation solutions.

Some agricultural solar projects include:

– Solar powered well pumps
– Solar powered cold storage facilities for farms, dairies, meat packing..etc
– Solar power for orchard packing facilities

Commercial Solar Projects

– 130 kW solar system for UCSB
– Parking Structure solar panels for Caltrans
– Strategically placed solar panels for Airports, local businesses, and more.

After speaking with some of their clients it’s obviously they prioritize customer service. They offer a wide range of services that make the transition to commercial solar painless and provide a range of financial roadmaps to ensure your solar investments see a positive return on investment. From initial on-site evaluation, construction, to system operation and maintenance they are big on turn key solutions.

Another extremely important aspect if not the most is the experience their financial team brings to the table. They’ve worked with a wide range of clients from small independent dairy owners to large scale public universities. Given this client diversity their financial analysis and solutions are validated with the happy clients they continue to finance and satisfy today.

Why Agriculture Solar?

California’s agriculture industry is estimated to be worth around $42.6 billion, generating nearly $100 billion in “related economic activity”. This makes California’s agriculture industry twice the size of any other U.S. state. Additionally California is the leading dairy state, making milk California’s number one farm commodity. These massive industry are majority based in California’s Central Valley, including Sacramento County, Fresno County, Kings County, and more.

Solar applications for farms and the agricultural industry is booming. The decreasing cost of solar, newer technologies, federal and state subsidies, coupled with sustainable financing allows more farmers than ever to take advantage of solar power. Solar generated electricity produced at cost effective rates to irrigated crops, power cold storage systems, and those who have limited to the nation’s electric power grid are able to take advantage of local solar providers, especially those in Fresno County and the surrounding Central Valley. In doing so, we present producers with a means to reduce and stabilize energy costs by offsetting the need for fossil fuel generated electricity.

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